[Base48] output buffer // getting rid of junk from the space

Martin Milata b42 at srck.net
Wed Mar 20 00:06:00 CET 2013

Hello base48 regulars!

In an effort to reclaim precious space we decided to establish an
*output buffer*.

What is it? The principle is as follows: things of unclear usefulness
are put into the output buffer at time T. Between T and T+delta, anyone
concerned can scrutinize the buffer and if they find anything they deem
unworthy of disposal, they either put it in a suitable place or take it
home. At T+delta, the output buffer is disposed of and the buffer is
refilled with new stuff.

For the first round, I put in there some stuff from the storage room
adjacent to the main room. Let delta be one month. Please take a look at
it when you visit the space.

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