[Base48] raspi and carambola

Panagiotis Palias panagos81 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 00:33:30 CET 2013

Hello all!
Is there any interest to order these 2 devices?
The farnell site redirects me to this page for selling in CZ.
For 42,66€ (tax included) we can have a raspberry pi B with a case.
The other one I was looking at is the new 8devices board, Carambola2
At 33€ (tax included) for a preorder bundle for the 8th of April of
carambola2 and development board, with 2 ethernet, wifi, usb and openwrt
running from factory I think it is a good solution for routing stuff in
your home.
I tried to modify the page at the wiki (
http://wiki.base48.cz/Category:Shopping_lists) but I am not able to
create new page for those 2 shops, so if someone can help I'd appreciate.
Have a good night!


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