[RFC] Kernel hacking lectures/workshops?

Lubomir Rintel lkundrak at v3.sk
Sat Aug 15 11:41:58 CEST 2015


I'm wondering if there's anyone out there (be it in the hackerspace or
outside), who'd like to get familiar with Linux kernel development
process? Be it for whichever reason -- fixing bugs, making your
hardware work or just widening your insight into your software stack.

I'm thinking of starting regular Linux hacking sessions if there's
enough interest:


Please sign up. If there's at least 5 people, then I think this is
worthwhile doing.

Some background:

We often stumble across Linux computers with poor support in mainline
kernels and then get stuck to ancient kernel forks and shitty vendor
supplied software stacks.

Raspberry Pi is one such example. A very widely available board that's
run with a myriad of out of tree patches of questionable quality
bringing in terrible and often insecure APIs and impossible to keep up
with mainline developments.

I made some effort to improve this; added some drivers but failed to
attract others to join the effort (maybe the workshops were missing!):


While the situation with Raspberrpy Pi is largely improving these days,
there's a lot that remains to be done for it and for other similar
boards as well. Novena, anyone? OpenWRT-based routers?

Cleaning up an already existing drivers for embedded hardware is a good
ramp-up task for anyone who'd like to get involved with kernel

I'd like to help anyone who's interested in joining forces.

Thank you,

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