new space Vranovska

Martin Milata b42 at
Sat Jul 2 13:16:16 CEST 2016

As promised, here are some numbers regarding what would we have to do to
afford the new space. Our current income/expense estimates are something

2000 rent
3000 electricity
 600 internet
5600 TOTAL

6000 15*400 full members [*]
 600 3*200 discount members
6600 TOTAL

We might be able to afford this if we raise full membership to 700-800,
student membership to 300. The assumption that we'll pay 1/3 more for
electricity is completely arbitrary, would be great to have more precise
estimate (heating ...). Other assumption is that we'll lose two members
because of the higher fees. IMHO 600 is too little with the current
member count, 800 might be safer choice.

5000 rent
4000 electricity
 600 internet
9600 TOTAL

 9100 13*700 full members
  900 3*300 discount members
10000 TOTAL

Please note that we also need to take into account:
* paying the full first year in advance,
* paying for BOTH spaces for a month+ when moving,
* other one-time expenses related to moving.
For that we'd probably need to ask members for one-time donation or a

Ideas? Opinions?


[*] There's supposed to be 17 full members but I don't think we can
convince every single one of them to pay their missing payments. Respect
to everyone who pays on time BTW!

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