new space: cellar vs. ground space

Pavel Snajdr snajpa at
Sun Jul 3 14:12:31 CEST 2016

Can't say I don't agree, but the basement is more underground, literally.


I wouldn't mind.

Although, while on the topic, I don't think the financial side of things
adds up. We simply don't have enough members to justify the move yet.
IMHO raising the fee will work only against us in terms of slowing the
growth, which we will so desperately need, if we agree to raise our
expenses at this point.

We could merge the plan to move with my long term goal to have an office
in Brno for That could double or triple what we could be
able to afford - though for the purposes of two separate entities that
still might not be enough. So I'd say let's get some fresh members first
and then figure something out.


On 07/03/2016 01:53 PM, Karel Lejska wrote:
> The Vranovská space made me think more about a new space for base48.
> Personally I don't enjoy spending more time in a cellar space. It's
> because of missing daylight and higher humidity, I think. From my
> viewpoint cellar is good only for casual meetings, taking medicaments
> and listening to loud noises. It's not so good for more hours of
> everyday serious work. However, I know that some members stand up for a
> cellar space and I respect it.
> For me, for example brmlab space fits me best because it is a ground
> space or actually half-ground space that makes it more affordable, and
> it is close to the city center at the same time.
> And in my opinion, non-cellar space would be also more attractive for
> new members.
> I'd like to know your opinion on:
> 1. How much do you insist on a cellar space?
> 2. Suburb non-cellar space is cheaper. How important is the location for
> you? Can you imagine Řečkovice/Komárov/whatever further district?
> 3. Are you willing to pay higher member fees for brighter, more aerial
> space? Can you say how much exactly?
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